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2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum
30 Nov-01 Dec 2010, Siem Reap

Maximize Investments – Identify Opportunities & Yields in World Agri Business

2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum

“Indonesia plans to open up farm sector to foreigners” 16/6/10, Business Times

“Indian companies are increasingly getting a foothold into South America, acquiring assets and land not just to get entry into its lucrative agriculturalmarket but also to export commodities such as sugar, pulses and edible oils back to India.” 7/9/10,

“New Saudi Company… has already arranged leases in Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan and the Philippines for aromatic and long grain basmati rice, both intended to export to Saudi Arabia at market prices, said Mohammed Abdulla al-Rajhi, chairman of the new company.” 13/6/10, FT

Interest in global farmland is accelerating, given price volatility in commodities, rising human population and environmental pressures as well as concerns for food security.

From Asia to Africa to South America – agricultural activity with large scale farming is expected to expand and offer high returns. Cambodia and other countries with large land tracts, workers and incentives are attracting national and global investors as well as corporate majors.

CMT’s 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum coming to S.E. Asia at the world heritage city of Siem Reap, Cambodia offers you a comprehensive forum with invaluable insight from our panel of leading international experts, investors and officials.

You will hear first hand experience on the complexities and challenges in investing in agri-farmland abroad. What are the policies in-place offered by various governments? Which crops to grow? How technology plays a part in increasing crop yield? What are the legal implications if you want to exit any land deals?

Key reasons to attend CMT’s 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum

  • Meet the esteemed Minister of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries HE Dr. Chan Sarun to hear first hand information on the opportunities available in Cambodia
  • Find out from ADB the steps towards building the new food security partnership in Asia
  • Government authorities from Indonesia to The Philippines will be mapping out agri investment opportunities in their countries, update on land utilization policies & downstream investment potential
  • Investors from Africa, South America, East Europe and Asia will be sharing their experiences relating to agri investment in the respective region
  • Business model evaluation : out-growers vs ownership vs leasing
  • Legal consultants & tax experts will offer expert advice on farmland investment in Asia & management of land settlement scheme, structuring land ownership & etc
  • Assess the risk and financing options for farmland investment
  • Discover the role of plant science on large scale farming & the acceptance of GM crops
  • Farm productivity management for maximum profits

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You will network with

  • Farm & plantation investors/owners
  • Asset management company
  • Investment banks & agricultural Funds Company
  • Fertilizer & seed suppliers
  • Machinery companies
  • Tax & legal firm
  • Insurance companies & risk management consultant
  • Agrochemicals & biotech companies
  • Irrigation industry
  • Government organization & investment board

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Large Scale Farming in Africa
20-21 Apr 2010 – Cairo EGYPT

Investing in Large Scale Farming – Opportunities, Risk Management & Financing Solutions

Under the patronage of His Excellency Amin Abaza
Minister of Agriculture & Land Reclamation, The Arab Republic of Egypt

Investment into large-scale farming is a key agenda for many companies and government, especially in today’s high food price environment and to meet demands of a growing and affluent population. Africa, with available arable land for lease and ready domestic market, has become a hot spot for foreign companies looking into large-scale agriculture farm investment.

“South Africa has signed a deal with the Republic of Congo that will give South African farmers access to up to 10 million hectares (24.7 million acres) of farmland, the country’s biggest farmers’ union, Agri SA said on Tuesday. The deal, potentially one of the largest land agreements on the continent and part of Congo’s plan to improve food security, will allow South African farmers to lease land for maize, soy beans, poultry and dairy cattle among other produce” 21/10/09,

“Al Amoudi’s Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc, receives 10,000 hectares in Gambella to farm rice for 60 years rent-free. Haile Assegide, Chief Executive of the company estimates that 45 per cent of the farm’s yield will be sold on the Ethiopian market”. 30/1/10,

“In August 2009, Janan signed a 2nd deal with Egypt to enable the company to cultivate a further 42,000 ha of land for wheat, maize and feed… The project is expected to produce 350,000 ton of wheat/yr, & it is claimed that all grain produced will be for Egyptian consumption” 10/09,

However, companies need to assess what is the best strategy and business model to succeed in Africa. What are the challenges & pitfalls to avoid in order to maximise your investment? What are the land acquisition and utilization policies in the selected countries of Investment? In today’s tight financial market, securing financial solution is one of the major challenges in farmland investment. What are the criteria for Commercial Farmers participating in the Input Finance Project?

Attend CMT’s conference on Large Scale Farming in Africa to hear from regulators and investors who will share insights into investment climate & case study.

Key sessions include

  • Where are the opportunities for agricultural investment in Africa?
  • What are the “hot” commodities and regional areas to invest in?
  • Hear from Agri SA, Karuturi Global, Dina Farms & Bio-Energy Investment their investment experiences
  • Find out the various risks management solution for agriculture corporate
  • Legal issues for farmland investments & resolving disputes
  • Investors concerns on tax issues, compliance, risk & etc
  • Seek answers & clarify doubts from Government agencies in Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco with regards to investment & land policies, incentives & water resources issues.
  • How to increase farm productivity through biotechnology & modernization of farming practice
  • Infrastructure development to support trade & distribution of agriculture produce

Who Should Attend
Farm & plantation investors/owners, Asset management company, Investment banks & agricultural Funds Company, Fertilizer companies, Seed suppliers, Machinery companies, Tax & legal firm, Insurance companies & risk management consultant, Agrochemicals & biotech companies, Irrigation industry, Government organization & investment board.

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