Agriculture, ethanol, bio-diesel, sugar and other producers and forest plantation growers attracted to sites in Cambodia

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Cambodia has quietly started to turn up on the agendas of major agriculture, ethanol, bio-diesel, sugar and other producers and forest plantation growers as an attractive and interesting site to locate projects.

Cambodia has the lowest cost agricultural land in the region with figures that are substantially cheaper than its neighbours Thailand, Vietnam or Malaysia.  This has interested many new companies with projects to grow crops like sugarcane, cassava, teak and other timber, palm plantations.

Agricultural land in Cambodia is generally provided to qualified projects by the Cambodian government on a lease basis.  Leases can be 70 years or in some cases up to 99 years. In Cambodia, large plots of agricultural land in locations with reasonable access to infrastructure are available but many areas still lack the road structure and access to utilities that are found in more developed countries.


Cambodia is one of the countries that will be featured at the 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2010.

Regardless of the region and stage of your global agri investments, answers to questions such as ` What guidelines are available? Which region offers the greatest return? How to obtain financing for your project? What crops to grow? play a big part in ensuring successful farming ventures.

That is why  2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum to be held in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2010 is the place to be for timely updates, network of authoritative speakers and first hand information on challenges & opportunities pertaining to agriculture investment.

Some of the confirmed speakers to date include Koh Kong Plantation Company Limited (Cambodia), Khon Kaen Sugar Industry PCL, Bioenergy Development Co., Ltd, SGS, KPMG Cambodia Ltd, Croplife Asia, Philippines Agricultural Development & Commercial Corporaton, Sciaroni & Associates, Allied Venture, Mriya Group of Companies, ADB, GMG Global Ltd.

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In April this year, Large Scale Farming in Africa organized by CMT saw participants from all over the world gathered in Cairo, Egypt to look at the opportunities, risk management and financing solutions in investing in large scale farming in Africa.

Here’s a short video clip of the Cairo event in April 2010.

Large Scale Farming in Africa
20-21 Apr 2010 – Cairo

CMT is proud to announce that our 2nd Large Scale Farm Forum will be back from 30 November to 1 December this year, meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Those keen on participating in the 2nd Large Scale Farm Forum as speakers, sponsors, media partners, exhibitors, and participants are welcome to submit their enquiries online by clicking here or emailing Ms. Grace Oh at


Increasing Agricultural Productivity in Africa is top priority! Experts share latest trends at Large Scale Farming in Africa Conference in Cairo.

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A quiet – and green – revolution is already growing in Africa, led by scientists, farmers and politicians. Scientists are developing new and improved crop varieties. The continent’s farmers are putting into practice techniques like drip irrigation. African governments are making transforming agriculture a top priority with fertilizer subsidies and other beneficial policies:

“In Tanzania, farmers plant early-maturing maize to escape the damage caused by an increasingly unreliable rainy season. Over 300,000 farmers in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger are using micro-dosing techniques to increase yields and reduce fertilizer use. For the last 4 years, Malawi has not only met its own food needs, but has also become able to export to its neighbors. Rwanda’s agricultural production has grown by 13 per cent and 17 per cent in the last two years.” ~ The Daily Monitor, 23 March 2010

Kenyashifts from rain-fed agriculture to stem food crisis” ~Daily Nation, 19 March 2010

In the Southeast African nation of Malawi, large new government subsidies for chemical fertilizer have led to bumper crops of corn.…Already following Malawi’s lead are Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, all of which have announced plans for expanded fertilizer subsidies.” ~The New York Times, 21 Feb 201

What do these trends mean for Agri-investment in Africa?
How will they change the nature of investment and project management?

Answers to the above questions will be provided at the upcoming Large Scale Farming in Africa conference, meeting in Cairo on 20-21 April 2010, where SGS, Dina Farms & Syngenta Agro are sharing perspectives on water and soil management as well as increasing farm productivity through technology. Not to be missed sessions include:

    Addressed by: Mr. Stuart Shepherd, Soil/Leaf Analytical Service Director
    SGS South Africa (PTY) Ltd
    Addressed by: Mr. Tamer Hassan, Operations Director
    Dina Farms
    Addressed by: Dr. Shachi Sharma, Key Account Development Manager
    Syngenta Agro AG

The Large Scale Farming in Africa conference program offers perspectives from regulators and investors on the policy environment, investment climate & project case studies, as well as the latest on increasing agri-productivity. Conference participants can look forward to clarifying their top concerns and questions on investing in Africa.


Foreign agro firms turn to Ethiopian farmland! Ethiopian regulator to share investment opportunities at Large Scale Farming in Africa conference.

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Ethiopia is betting that the World Bank is right when it says investing in agriculture is one of the most effective ways to speed economic development in Africa. To breathe new life into their stagnant agriculture sector, Ethiopia is wooing foreign firms with offers to lease huge tracts of land at rock bottom prices according to a recent report in

The policy of the government of Ethiopia regarding agricultural land development has always been based on the small-scale farmer,” said Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in an interview. “But the strategy also included the possibility of the private sector playing a supplementary but vital role.

The offer of cheap land has attracted wide interest, from governments like Saudi Arabia that import most of their food, to multi-nationals like Karuturi Global.

At CMT’s Large Scale Farming in Africa conference, Mr. Esayas Kebede, the Director of Agricultural Investment Support at Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development will be speaking on the topic, “PROSPECTS OF COMMERCIAL FARMS IN AFRICA” where he will discuss the investment experience in Ethiopia.

In addition to insights from Ethiopia, attendees at the Large Scale Farming in Africa conference, which meets in Cairo on 20-21 April 2010, will also get updates on investment opportunities from the Agriculture Ministries of Ghana, Kenya and Egypt.

In fact, H.E. Amin Abaza, Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture & Land Reclamation will be delivering the keynote address at the Cairo conference on the topic, “OPPORTUNITIES FOR AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENT IN EGYPT”

The conference is already attracting participation from leading Farm & plantation investors/owners, Asset management companies, Investment banks & agricultural Funds Companies including AgriSA, Agricultural Management Company, Swiss Re, Karuturi Global Ltd, SGS Group Management Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, EFG-Hermes, Bio-Energy Investments and many more.

Representatives from the Agriculture industry, including Fertilizer companies, Seed suppliers, Machinery companies, and Agrochem & biotech companies are also expected to participate in the conference, along with Tax & Legal experts, Insurance Companies, Risk Management Experts, Irrigation Experts and Regulators.

Those keen on participating in the “Large Scale Farming in Africa” conference as speakers, sponsors, media partners, exhibitors, and participants are welcome to submit their enquiries online by clicking on the link below or emailing Ms. Grace Oh at


Conférence internationale sur les opportunités et des défis de l’agriculture à grande échelle en Afrique (Large Scale Farming in Africa)

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Les investissements dans l’agriculture en Afrique ont connu récemment une croissance remarquable, plusieurs sociétés privées d’actions injectant des fonds importants dans le secteur agroalimentaire de l’Afrique. À la lumière des opportunités d’investissements prometteurs, une conférence internationale ayant reçu le patronage de Son Excellence Amin Abaza, ministre égyptien de l’Agriculture et de la Mise en valeur des terres, se tiendra au Caire afin d’explorer et de discuter des défis, de la gestion des risques et du financement des solutions de « l’Agriculture à grande échelle en Afrique ». (Large Scale Farming in Africa)

Le Caire, EGYPTE-XX février 2010/Communiqué de presse /– «  L’Agriculture à grande échelle en Afrique » (Large Scale Farming in Africa) est une conférence internationale, qui se tiendra les 20-21 avril 2010 au Caire.

Organisée sous le patronage de Son Excellence Amin Abaza, ministre égyptien de l’Agriculture et de la Mise en valeur des terres, la Conférence abordera des questions fondamentales qui influent sur les investissements dans l’agriculture à grande échelle et les zones agricoles sur tout le continent africain.

La forte progression des prix des produits agricoles de base, l’augmentation de la demande pour la bioénergie, plus la croissance des populations mondiales et des économies, ont dopé / accru la confiance entre les banques d’investissement et les fonds spéculatifs (hedge funds) pour se procurer de vastes domaines de zones agricoles et influer sur la croissance du marché des produits de base au comptant. Le continent africain, avec ses immenses parcelles de terres offre maintenant un potentiel énorme d’investissements agricoles.

La conférence « l’Agriculture à grande échelle en Afrique » (Large Scale Farming in Africa) fournira à ses participants une plate-forme pour explorer les possibilités d’investissements à venir ainsi que l’occasion de discuter de la gestion des risques et des solutions de financement. Le comité de la conférence, qui comprend des régulateurs clés tels que Son Excellence Amin Abaza,  ministre égyptien de l’Agriculture et de la Mise en valeur des terres et des acteurs clés de l’industrie tels AgriSA, SGS, Swiss Re, Agricultural Management Co., bio-Energy Investments, Karuturi Global, discuteront de:

  • Perspectives d’investissements dans l’agriculture mondiale
  • Politiques d’acquisition et d’utilisation des terres
  • Etudes de cas sur les opportunités et investissements commerciaux agricoles en Afrique
  • Commerce de souscriptions, gestion de l’investissement et du risque
  • Développement en aval des produits de l’agriculture
  • Augmentation de la productivité des exploitations et rôle de la biotechnologie
  • Développement de l’infrastructure en vue de soutenir les échanges logistiques
  • Accessibilité des matières premières et des ressources en eau

La Conférence est déjà assurée de la participation ’investisseurs/propriétaires d’exploitations et de plantations de première importance, de sociétés de gestion d’actifs, de banques d’investissement et de sociétés de fonds agricoles. Cette conférence verra également la participation des représentants de l’industrie de l’agriculture, comprenant des fabricants d’engrais, des fournisseurs de grains, des entreprises d’équipement mécanique  et des sociétés d’agrochimie et de biotechnologie. En outre, des experts juridiques et fiscaux, des sociétés d’assurances, des experts en gestion des risques, des experts en irrigation et des régulateurs participeront également à l’échange des idées et la recherche de compétences.

Les personnes désireuses de participer à la conférence « l’Agriculture à grande échelle en Afrique » (Large Scale Farming in Africa) comme intervenants, sponsors, partenaires médias, exposants et participants sont invitées à soumettre leurs demandes de renseignements en ligne à