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Ethiopia Plans to Rent out Land for Cash Crops Production

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Ethiopia intends to lease out 3 million hectares of land for private investment over the next 5 years. This forms part of the government’s strategy to encourage foreign exchange and inject healthy economic activity into the country. The abundance of available land area for large scale farming is likely to attract international players seeking good returns on agricultural investments.

With the above in mind, the 2nd Global Large Scale Forum in Siem Reap zooms in on the potential offered in Africa, as well as opportunities and challenges in other regions. Invited speakers will address country-focused topics including:

  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • South America
  • The Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • China

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New Zealand: “Extra Flexibility” for Foreign Investment

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The Government has tightened foreign investment rules around the potential sale of big chunks of farmland to overseas buyers in response to public concerns over the bid for Crafar farms.

Announcing the results of a long awaited review of the overseas investment rules and legislation, finance minister Bill English said the Government had decided against changes to the Overseas Investment Act but had introduced “extra flexibility” to consider a wider range of issues including large-scale ownership of farmland.

One measure is “a new ministerial directive letter to the Overseas Investment Office” which would provide “extra clarity and certainty for potential investors about the Government’s general approach to foreign investment in sensitive assets”.

“Overall, the measures I’m announcing today strike an appropriate balance. They increase ministerial flexibility to consider a wide range of issues when assessing overseas investments in sensitive land, while at the same time they provide extra clarity and certainty for potential investors and the Overseas Investment Office.”


For an in-depth understanding on the extent of impact from these new regulations in New Zealand for large scale farm investments, make a point to attend the 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum in Siem Reap on 30 November to 1 December 2010. Specially invited speaker, Mr. Ross Hyland, Managing Director of Seales Ltd, will provide his expert perspective on the opportunities and challenges framing the issue in:

“Dairy and Agribusiness Investment Outlook in New Zealand”

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Is Africa the New Global Source for Food Security?

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Agricultural investors are turning their attention to Africa, which offers plenty of arable land yet has long suffered from underdevelopment. Not only is the land one-tenth the price of Asia, but its key property is its access to water resources. African regions such as Ethiopia are exploring how land deals will help to reverse the under-investment trend of the past decades.

In light of the above, the 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum has invited Karuturi Global Ltd to disclose key insights on:

“Large Scale Agriculture Investment in Africa”

  • Business model evaluation
  • Farm productivity management for maximum profit
  • Downstream value addition & marketing of produce
  • Expansion plans
  • Challenges & opportunities

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Indonesia Invites Investors to Take Up Agricultural Investments in Large Scale Farm

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Indonesia expects a six percent rise in its milled rice harvest this year, leading to a 2 million tonnes surplus, and aims to attract Gulf Arab investors to develop “sleeping land”, Agriculture Minister Suswono said.

The agriculture minister met businessmen from the Gulf Arab country and discussed agricultural business opportunities in Indonesia.

Indonesia has over 7.7 million hectares of unused land that is in need of development, Suswono said.

“There is still… untapped potential for agribusiness investment in Indonesia, particularly in the field of food crops, industrial processing as well as horticulture and land stock industry,” he said.

“We still have some difficulties internally in arranging land for large-scale farming, which are requested by foreign investors. This is due to environmental reasons to protect our rainforests,” the minister said, adding that the government has since issued regulations for investment in large farming.

Source:, 13 June 2010

Investors have long set their sights on Indonesia, whose large quantities of unused land offer a resource-rich base for new farm investments. Now, the government is keen to invite investors from the Gulf and abroad to take on the opportunity in developing the nation’s large farm potential.

In the interest of those thinking of investing in Indonesia, CMT has put together the 2ndGlobal Large Scale Farm Forumto discuss the facts and details that will entailin such ventures. The forum will also have Prof. Dr. Zaenal Bachruddin, Director General of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Product, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia present a paper on “Agricultural Investment Opportunity in Indonesia”.

At the 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum in Siem Reap, you will also get the chance to amass expert insights on the potentials of different large farm agricultural investment hot spots and related legal/financing options.

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ADB to discuss challenges pertinent to food security issues and opportunities in farm investment at 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum.

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MANILA – ASIA and the Pacific, home to two-thirds of the world’s one billion hungry people, need increased investment in agriculture of US$120 billion (S$166 billion) a year for the next 40 years to contain hunger and future spikes in food prices, United Nations and Asian Development Bank officials said on Wednesday.

They said agricultural investments in the region, currently at US$80 billion, will need to rise by 50 per cent to US$120 billion yearly until 2050 – when world population is expected to swell to 9.1 billion from the today’s 6.5 billion. The onus for funding the investments would be on private sources and governments.

‘These statistics belie a crisis that will only get worse in the years to come unless immediate action is taken,’ Mr Kuroda said. ‘Add to this rapid population growth, climate change and water shortages, and the need for action is blindingly apparent.’ He said ADB has committed US$2 billion a year for its food security plan for the region, focusing on boosting productivity, agricultural research, and the food supply chain.

Source: Straits Times: Asia Needs Farm Investment

More on the above will be unravelled at 2nd Global Large Scale Farm Forum on 30th Nov & 1st Dec 2010 in Siem Reap as ADB presents a paper on:


  • Asia’s food security challenges
  • Land / agricultural investment for food security
  • Need for the novel public / private partnership
  • Steps towards building the new food security partnership in Asia – ADB’s new initiative and strategy

To be presented by: Katsuji Matsunami, Advisor, RSOD cum Practice Leader (Agriculture, Food Security & Rural Development) ADB

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